We strive

every day to do

things right

so our product

is good for you

There are
no secrets

In Caleta Bay we work hard at every stage of our processes to create a delicious, nutritious, and healthy product that genuinely contributes to your health and wellness.

We understand that the quality of our products depends on a team

Guided by


No matter how much we may grow, we will always keep our feet on the ground, aware of our origins and our artisanal essence.

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Inspired by


In our company, the solution may arise from any team member, disregarding their position; this allows us to act quickly and without bureaucracy.

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Recognized by

their Honesty

We believe in the importance of being always transparent in our productive process and in our relationships with our employees, communities, and customers.

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Committed to


It is a way of doing things based on the dedication put into daily actions that allow us to deliver a healthy, innocuous, and nutritious product.

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Motivated by


We know that giving the best of us means going one step beyond, and that a job well done requires this commitment: to make our best effort to achieve excellence.

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