By video call, the Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt recognized the companies that have worked throughout this year to advance this carbon footprint reduction program.

Because we know that you CAN be efficient and aware of the environment, in 2019, we subscribed to the Chile Footprint Program, which aims to promote the calculation, reporting and management of greenhouse gases, and in 2020 we obtained the first seal quantification.

The program's recognition event was held this December 11 through the Zoom platform, where the companies that are part of this commitment to climate action were thanked, where we contribute a grain of sand in order to neutralize and reduce the carbon emissions of the country.

Gonzalo Muñoz, Champion COP 25, thanked the companies that work to meet this objective and in turn reminded that we must all commit to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Currently the program has more than a thousand registered organizations, has delivered nearly 700 stamps where 90% of the organizations belong to the private sector.

At Caleta Bay, we know that even though we have a long way to go, we are happy because achieving this recognition is the first step towards achieving the seal of excellence and we invite the entire team to be part of this great challenge.

Claudio Paz, Environment and Concessions Deputy Manager commented: “The initial work carried out by professionals from our company together with Huella Chile has allowed us to identify and quantify direct and indirect Greenhouse Gases (GHG) at the organizational level. During 2021 we will work on two aspects: 1) Training our staff on Climate Change, Carbon Footprint and how we can contribute as a team to this commitment. 2) Management of our GHGs; Through the analysis of our indicators, obtained in this first stage, establishing short, medium and long-term goals and defining the actions to be able to Reduce, Mitigate or Compensate our Carbon Footprint. This is the beginning of a permanent and long-term commitment that involves all of us who make up Caleta Bay. Fighting climate change is everyone's job and we must make a difference as a company and as an activity ”.