Punta Iglesias won the Top Center Award in Rainbow Trout from Skretting

This May 9, at the Hotel Cabaña del Lago in Puerto Varas, the award ceremony was held for our team members of the Punta Iglesias Farming Center,who in command of Cristóbal Pardo, won the Top Center Award in rainbow trout of Skretting in Los Lagos Region of Chile in 2018.

"It´s an honor to receive this award, I think it is the result of leading a career that we get with a lot of effort, I hope that from now on, we will continue to reach such good results," said Cristóbal Pardo, former head of Centro de Punta Iglesias, now chief of Production Sea Water.

In 6 months, Punta Iglesias, obtained 3.1% of mortality, 1.6% in biomass loss, 3.045 kg Harvest weight average weigth, yield of 3.09 kg per smolt, and the Biological Conversion Factor was reflected in a 1.06, while the Economic Conversion Factor it was 1.08.

Punta Iglesias, achieved the best productive results in the trajectory of Caleta Bay. We appreciate all your effort and dedication and we hope that this 2019 will continue leading this ranking.