The program for children and neighbours of our farm sites just began

The Parent Child Home Program that will supported 20 children under five years for a year -from Cochamó, Pocoihuén and Río Puelo-, including children of members of our team, it already started.

The plan is to provide the opportunity to work on their cognitive development at an early age for their begging in basic education would faced with better tools.

What does the fundation do?

They implemented a model developed by the Parent Child Home Program, which carries out an initial education program, which seeks to strengthen and develop cognitive and emotional skills, through the work of the child and a significant adult, in meetings with people of the organization.

"Boys and girls learn this skills playing with books and didactic toys that the monitor give them as a gift. Also, it´s essential to highlight the role played by the mother, father or grandfather, as well as the strengthening of parental skills, because the family of the child, it´s the most important mentor of their children” says Paola Guzmán, member of the foundation.